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GOLD CLUB 2023: 100% Carbon frame, 100% Carbon k 12 fronts length 50 cm, thickness 20 mm, weight 330/340 grams, balance 25.5/26 cm cover yes, high playing level

The Gold Club is designed for experienced players who like to play with a powerful racket, thanks to the Carbon k12 fronts, the frame is made of 21 mm thick Carbon Fiber the drilling is lateral, all these features make the racket powerful and maneuverable. Thanks to the soft eva that is inside the racquet deck, it manages to maintain a high standard of performance in all weather conditions. In the deck of the racket is the Futura 2.1 system that reduces about 80 percent of vibrations harmful to players’ joints.


Color: Gold
  • 100% Carbon K12 / 335GR / 50CM

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