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NO LOOK CLASSIC 2023: 100% carbon frame, fronts 30% carbon 70% fibreglass, length 50 cm, thickness 24 mm, weight 340/350 g, balance 25.5 cm, cover yes, high level of play.

The No Look Classic 2023 is designed for all types of players who like to play with a racquet that encompasses so many characteristics, manoeuvrability, sensitivity, power but also aptitude for the defensive side of the game.

Thanks to the composition of 30% carbon and 70% glass fibre and with the frame made of 24 mm thick carbon fibre, the Nolook classic retains the Futura 1.0 system, the first patented version to reduce vibrations that are harmful to players’ arms by 80%. With the bore extending across the entire platter, it is also suitable for outdoor play in windy conditions. It is recommended for those who do a lot of teaching and come from the game of tennis as it feels like a stringed cymbal


Color: White
  • 30% Carbono, 70% Fibreglass

    345gr, 24mm

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